The long-awaited holiday organization is simple

Bookings of the holiday home – the charm of the islanders’ inception … since 1986

The organization of the long-awaited holiday generates pleasant surprises as long as everything has been programmed according to their own expectations.

Our priority? Satisfy your needs in the correct selection of the house where you can spend your long awaited vacation.

Be content and pamper yourself in the realization of the dream of spending unforgettable holidays in the famous National Park of La Maddalena archipelago.

We offer you our daily support with professionalism and dedication to optimize the activity of quality control of the properties made available to you. We have a strong desire not to disappoint your expectations of a unique and unforgettable holiday in these lands and seas so beautiful and full of beauty to give you the pleasure of a holiday created according to your expectations in the enchanting National Park of La Maddalena archipelago.

We filter your requests, we follow you, step by step, to find the perfect solution for you, provide you with useful advice and satisfy, in a confidential way and with the utmost professionalism, the various problems related to the demand and the real estate offer. Through the booking path of the house where you spend the summer holidays or rent of
the house you own.

Short rentals – instructions for use – preparations
Assistance in the preparation of properties to be rented:
We are committed to providing you with useful information in setting up your property to best accommodate holiday guests and to manage the best management of your real estate assets in the tourist rental market.

Short rentals – instructions for use – tax aspect
The short rent allows you to enjoy certain income and with the application of the dry Cedolare to put your own income in income in total economic and fiscal tranquility thanks to the rate of only 21%. The 2017 tax measure envisages that for income deriving from these contracts, if stipulated as of June 1, 2017, the provisions concerning the regime of the dry coupon will apply, as an option, at a rate of 21%, replacing the Irpef and additional income tax on rent.

Short rentals – instructions for use – safety aspect
The communication of the names of the guests to the State Police is mandatory. We follow this service for free – at no additional cost.

We deal with annual and seasonal rentals since 1986, with particular attention to the activities of:

  • evaluation and estimate for the management of real estate assets based on knowledge of the market;
  • promotion and advertising of the real estate portfolio on our site, the thematic portals, on social networks;
  • exclusive management of properties during periods available for seasonal rentals;
  • drafting residential and commercial leases both annual and seasonal;
  • registration of leases at the Revenue Agency;
  • advice on the selection of alternative guarantees, such as insurance and bank guarantees.


We support you with professionalism on the basis of ethics and seriousness reconfirmed since 1986 and with the desire that, in the future, you want to repeat the experience lived with us.

For those wishing to experience the beauties of the archipelago even in winter, La Maddalena offers excellent possibilities.

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