The purchase and sale of a house requires a commitment that evolves over time, according to changes in the real estate market.

Our priority? Satisfy your needs in buying and selling a property.
We support you with professional knowledge, based on the ethics and seriousness reconfirmed since 1986, for the correct negotiation of the price.

Sale of a property:
We provide our structure, well established in the territory, able to provide reliable information and useful advice taking into account the quality / price ratio with the advantages that derive from the assistance of 2 agents of mediation. We are above the parties, third parties, to achieve our goal “to satisfy both those who sell and those who buy” in the interests of both – in the definition of the sale and that there are no risks.

Evaluations of a property:
The daily acquisition of transaction data in the local real estate market is a valid aid for us in the correct estimation activity – we constantly study the real estate market and its rules.
The estimate of a property is the expression of a judgment in money. This value is attributable to meet given practical needs. Based on the logical and methodological principles that allow the motivated and objective formulation of the assessment of the value of real estate assets. We follow the rational method that exceeds the empirical approach.
We evaluate properties with realistic indications; we advise sales prices that are in line with market trends for the proper management of assets and the enhancement of trades.

Commercial Promotion Activities:
We present our real estate portfolio to the attention of an appropriate number of potential buyers to ensure that the property is placed on the market in the most convenient way and obtain the best possible assessment.

Purchase of a property:
We scrupulously select the properties to be offered. We pay attention to the goodness of the investment both as regards the right value of the property and also for the possible saleability of the property in the process of granting credit to the banks.
We believe that in addition to the correct assessment of the property, the regularity and safety of your purchase is a central role in the tranquility of a good deal, whether for direct use or for an investment in a property in the enchanting National Park archipelago of La Maddalena.

Yield of your own home:
we are able to manage your property in income through the Tourist Locations. Owning a house to be rented in an area with a high number of tourists, such as the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, represents an opportunity for short-term rentals – a form of contract for tourist use that is particularly slender and advantageous.

The correct real estate diligence – the control of documents and the correspondence of the property to the project – the requests of potential buyers and sellers – the scheduling of appointments for visits – are all activities to be managed with professionalism and expertise.

 We are ready to assist you in the activities of:
  • Correct real estate valuation
  • Promotion and advertising of real estate on websites, social networks and national and international magazines
  • Preparation of preliminary contracts for buying and selling classic and not, rent to buy and rent with redemption
  • Assistance in finding banks for mortgage loans
  • Technical assistance for research on building practices and land registry documents
  • After sales assistance to sellers and buyers
Sales Office: Via Principe Amedeo 31 - 07024 - La Maddalena (SS) | Tel. +39 0789.738540 | Francesca +39 347 75 35 666